Sunday, May 30, 2004


As everybody in the know knows by now, The Dust Bunnies are gearing up for their first gig to be held at a secret location in Paris on 12 June. During yesterday's rehearsal, The Bunnies introduced four new songs into their minimalist set: "Howard Devoto's Spectacles" (an instrumental), "Hugging the Wrong Tree" (think early Cure played by a stroppy mod band), "In Praise of Wry Footnotes" (difficult to describe) and "Why Is There Something (When There Could Be Nothing)", a ramalama take on the old theological chestnut which caused sporadic outbreaks of pogoing ("leaps of faith," as I put it, rather wittily, to someone whose name escapes me) among the band's burgeoning following.They wrapped up the evening by covering "Boredom" (The Buzzcocks), "White Riot" (The Clash) and (for the first — and probably last — time) "Venus" (Television) at a leisurely pace. The whole thing was reminiscent of jackrabbits lolloping in the sun. You get my drift.


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