Sunday, May 23, 2004


The Dust Bunnies are a Paris-based, Anglo-French art-rock combo I foolishly accepted to manage a few weeks ago. The "Bunnies", as their fans will no doubt call them (if they ever have any), first met at an Interpol gig last year (Elysée Montmartre, 21 March 2003) when Adrien (guitar) and Fabrice (bass) — two members of the Parisian Neo-Hydropathes literary collective — literally bumped into Johnny (drums), a part-time bartender who had recently relocated to the French capital from Kingston-Upon-Thames. Johnny was something of a face on the London rock scene having banged the drums for a number of barfly-by-night outfits including The Skinny White Boys. It was I who introduced them. The nameless trio rehearsed irregularly until I spotted Adam (vocals), a young Richard Hell lookalike, at a drunken Franz Ferdinand aftershow party (22 February 2004). With the line-up complete, I elected to call them The Dust Bunnies, after a short story I almost wrote a couple of years ago. The rest, as they say, is history. Or not. We'll see...


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